MUDTAMER’s range of premium 4×4 floor protection are made in Australia and offer your vehicle interior ultimate protection. Sand, mud and water are just and afterthought with our ultra-deep dish design that boasts six points of contact. With OEM clips and a laser scanned, vehicle specific fit – they won’t move around in your footwell or get stuck behind the accelerator. Each set of MUDTAMER floor mats comes with a Lifetime Warranty so you can be sure they will last for years to come.

What are the Mudtamer 6 Points of Contact?

All of our Mudtamer mats feature a hexagonal or honeycomb pattern on them which not only gives them great anti-slip and easy cleaning capabilities while helping them look tough in your 4×4 – the six points of the hexagon represent something more to us. Our mats have 6 points of contact with your vehicle at all times which means they won’t move around in your footwell which is extremely important for safety. They will also keep your carpets protected at all times and they are guaranteed to fit. This is what makes the difference compared to other floor protection on the market and what ensures that Mudtamer remains Serious Mats for Serious Conditions.

#1 Full Sill Coverage

Thanks to their TRUE DEEP DISH design, Mudtamer floor mats come right up and over the sill. This ensures that anything spilt or caught on your mats either stays on the mat or runs straight out the door. An important feature to keep your 4×4 carpets brand new. This specific design also prevents movement without the need for additional clips along the sill as seen in some other brands which can be easily knocked and unclip while entering and exiting the vehicle.

#2 Deep Cockpit and Footwell Protection

Not only does the full front of the cockpit cover work to keep anything that falls off your feet on the mat – it is also an important safety feature. The mat follows the contour with the special heel pad and the mat extends up past your pedals to prevent any accelerator locking while you’re driving.

#3 Transmission Tunnel

Running high up along the side of your transmission tunnel keeps our mats not only in contact with your vehicle, but also is key to forming our TRUE DEEP DISH design. While helping to keep the mat in place while driving, this high rise side ensures anything spilt doesn’t reach the carpet along the transmission tunnel or under your Mudtamer mat and prevents wearing through which is especially common with tradies and their work boots.

#4 ‘A’ Pillar

‘A’ Pillar Coverage is an important part of our 6 points of contact. It works to prevent movement while ensure the deep dish coverage between the sill and the footwell is complete. Too many mats have gaps in this area which lets all kinds of dirt and liquids below the mats and offers no protection at all against scuffing the pillar while climbing in and out of your vehicle. Something you can be sure you are avoiding with a set of Mudtamer floor protection.

#5 Full Floor Pan Contact

Thanks to our careful 3D scanning our mats are not generic. Each model has been meticulously scanned to ensure that the entire floor pan follows any contours and shapes found on the floor of your vehicle. It also gives a home to our fitting clips designed to work with your vehicles OEM clipping points – a must have for safety. This gives a perfect fit and really gives Mudtamer their Serious appearance.

#6 The Rear of the Mat

Rather than just end the mat flat like most other manufacturers do with their floor protection. We have taken things a step further to ensure we are offering the maximum protection possible. The rear of the mat runs up to the front of the seat mounting which gives full coverage without interfering with moving your seat forwards and backwards.

Features & Benefits

Full Cabin Floor Protection

Mudtamer 4×4 mats offer a level of protection for your vehicle that can’t be beat. Our deep design keeps any mess contained to the mat and helps prevent and dirt, sand, or spills spreading through the rest of your vehicle.

100% Recyclable

Sustainability is more important than ever and we don’t believe our high quality 4×4 mats should be an exception to this. Using TPE along with our closed loop “end of life” system ensures Mudtamer is as good for the environment as it is for your vehicle.

3D Scanning & OEM Location Points

Every time that we add a new set to our ever growing line up, we make sure you’re getting a product that fits your vehicle with ease. By 3D scanning, we can be extremely specific with fittings, even down to the OEM location points so that you can install your Mudtamer mats without issue every time.

Chemical Resistant

Getting the contained mess on your Mudtamer mats cleaned up is a breeze thanks to their great chemical resistance. Use what you have handy and save yourself from having to buy a collection of specific cleaning products that you will never use again.

Frequently Asked Questions